Q & A

Q & A

問1: 課程上多久?每天幾小時?從幾點到幾點?
答1: 冬季班11周,春夏秋季班12周,每天三小時,通常時間為0910-1200或1330-1620。華語中心有權利安排學生的班別,學生不得要求只能早上班或只能下午班。

Q1. How long will the course last? How many hours are there in a day? From what time to what time?
A1: 12 weeks for spring, summer, and autumn term and 11 weeks for winter term.  Three hours per day, generally 0910-1200 or 1330-1620. CLC has right to arrange students in the morning or the afternoon class. Students will have a placement test after the tuition payment is completed. Then after the announcement of your class,  students will know their class hours. (Therefore students of regular courses need to be flexible time wise.)


問2: 學分課程和正規班(密集)課程有什麼區別?
答2:正規班(密集)課程要求同時訓練您的閱讀、聽力、寫作和口語四項技能,也會有很多測驗和期中和期末以及很多作業。正規班課程的上課時間為週一至週五每天早上9:10-12:00或是 13:30-16:20,每天固定時間上課。如果您有整個上午或整個下午的空閒時間,那麼您可以考慮參加此課程。如果您沒有整個上午或整個下午的空閒時間,那麼您應該參考學分課程。請注意,學分班不提供入學許可證。

Q2: What is the difference between credit courses and regular (intensive) courses?
A2: The regular (intensive) course requires reading, listening, writing, and speaking four skills evenly developed. There will be a lot of quizzes and midterm and final and a lot of homework. The regular courses are every day from Monday to Friday from 9:10-12:00 or 13:30- 16:20 all are fixed schedule. If you have all morning free or all afternoon free, then you can consider taking the course. Otherwise, if you don't have all morning free or all afternoon free, then you should consider the credit course. Please note that credit classes do not provide admission Letter.


問3: 如果聽不懂怎麼辦?
答3: 可以提出申請去別班試聽。

Q3: What should I do if I don't understand the class?
A3: You can submit an application to go to a lower level class to audit. 


問4: 有考試嗎?

Q4: Will there be an exam?
A4: There will be quizzes, midterm, and final examinations.


問5: 可以請假嗎? 如果我請假老師會幫我補課嗎?
答5: 可以,但需要先填申請單並經由授課老師簽名。老師不會補課。(備註:學生請假/缺課總時數不得超過全學期上課時數的25%。)

Q5: Can I request a leave of absence? If I request leave, will the teacher assist me in making up the lessons?
A5: The application form must be completed and signed by the teacher. Lessons will not be made up by the teacher. (Please note: Students' total number of hours of leave/absence during the semester should not exceed 25% of the total number of class hours.)


問6: 可以先測驗我的程度嗎? 我可以自已選我要讀什麼班嗎?
答6: 會有分級測驗以供分班,繳學費後才可以進行線上聽力及閱讀測驗,並安排線上口說測驗。由分級測驗的老師決定您的班級,如果您覺得不適合目前的班級,可以試聽其他班級。

Q6: Can I first test my level? Can I pick which class I want to take?
A6: There will be online reading and listening test and then we'll also arrange an online speaking test after tuition payment is completed. The teacher of the placement test determines your class, and if you think that your current class is not suitable for you, you can try to audit another class.


問7: 如果遇到天災(如颱風、地震)放假,會補課嗎?
答7: 不會。

Q7: Will there be a make-up class if there is a nature disaster like typhoon or earthquake ?
A7: No. There will be no make-up class for natural disasters after the government announces no class on that day. 


問8: 唸完之後有證書嗎?
答8: 學期成績70分以上頒發結業證書。學期成績70分以下頒發時數證明。

Q8: Is a certificate awarded at the end of the course?
A8: A certificate of completion will be issued for students whose score are 70 or higher. Certificate of attending hours for students whose grades are lower than 70 points.


問9: 唸完一期之後可以唸下一個程度的班嗎?
答9: 學期成績70分以上,才可以唸下一個程度的班。學期成績70分以下必須重讀同一個程度的班。

Q9: Can I continue to the next level after completing the previous one?
A9: Only students with a score of 70 or higher are eligible to move on to the next level.

問1: 有沒有打折?
答1: 請見收費標準網頁公告: https://clc-cc.vm.nthu.edu.tw/rcc/index.php/apply/apply_charges

Q1: Is there a discount on the tuition?
A1: Please see the website of charge: https://clc-cc.vm.nthu.edu.tw/rcc/index.php/apply/apply_charges


答2:開學前申請退費者,退還已交學費九成。(除因故無法開課之班別外,報名費概不退還或保留) 退費只能退台灣的銀行的帳戶,如果您沒有,必須請有台灣的帳戶的朋友協助您退費事宜。

Q2: Can I get a refund if I'm suddenly unable to travel to Taiwan?
A2: 90% of the paid tuition will be returned to individuals who request a refund before the semester begins. If students cannot come to Taiwan because they cannot receive a visa (proof provided) then they can apply for 100% refund.  (The registration cost will not be returned) The refund can only be wire transferred from NTHU accounting department to a bank account within Taiwan. If you don't have a bank account in Taiwan, you'll need to find someone who has a bank account in Taiwan to help you handle your refund. 


問3: 我申請獎學金還要先付學費嗎?
答3: 學員皆需先繳學費,獎學金待核發後才會撥款給學員。

Q: Do I need to pay the tuition fee first even I apply for scholoarship?
A3: Students need to pay the tuition first. The scholarship award will give to students during the semester.


問1: 申請簽證需要準備什麽資料?
答1: 護照,華語中心的入學許可,以及其他所需資料(請向您所居住之外館確認;有些國家無設立外館,請特別注意)。

Q1: What documents do I need to prepare for a visa application?
A1: Passport, admission letter from CLC, and other documents required by the embassy where you need to go and apply for visa. 


問2: 申請簽證需要多久的時間?
答2: 約一個月(每個國家不一定,建議事先向您居住所在地之外館詢問;有些國家無設立外館,請特別注意)。

Q2: How long does the visa application process take?
A2: It depends on the embassy. Each country is different. It is recommended to ask in advance. Some countries don't have the embassy and students might need to travel abroad to apply for the visa.  Please ask in advance. 


問3: 我的簽證將在課程結束的前幾天到期,我還可以延長簽證,繼續完成課程嗎?
答3: 如果簽證到期日與最後一堂課相差不遠,學生可以向移民署申請展延(一般不會超過10天),以完成課業。請注意:簽證是否能夠延長,需由移民署決定。

Q3: My visa will EXPIRE just a few days before the last day of class. Can I still extend my visa to complete my study?
A3: If the expiration date is not far away from the last day of class, students may apply for an extension for a short grace period (usually no more than 10 days) so they can complete their study and leave Taiwan without applying for a new visa. However, please note that only the Immigration Agency holds the authority to grant/deny extensions.

問: 我可以開車、摩托車或自行車進入校園嗎? 如果可以,我需要申請許可證嗎?
答: 校園內不允許騎機車。腳踏車和汽車都是允許的。 (注意:某些類型的電動自行車也被禁止。)腳踏車可直接進入校園不需申請許可證。汽車可以進入校園,如果您需要停車,請向CLC辦公室購買臨時停車卷。一張停車卷60元可停3小時,憑學生證4小時內不需加價。請記得使用左邊車道才能將停車內交給繳費亭人員。如要申請機車停車證,請寄行照(可為非本人)與駕照的照片給辦公室,並繳交200元。請將機車停在指定停車區。


Q: Can I enter the campus by car, scooter, or bicycle? If I can, do I need to apply for a permit?
A: Scooters are not permitted on campus.​ Both bicycles and cars are permitted. (Note: Some types of e-bikes are also prohibited.) Bicycles are allowed to enter campus without permits. Cars can enter the campus. If you need parking permits (ticket), please buy them from CLC office. A ticket is NT 60 dollars and can be used for 3 hours. If you stay for more than 3 hours and less than 4 hours, you can show the parking booth personnel your student ID and you don’t need to pay extra. Please remember to take the left lane so that you can give your parking permits to the parking booth personnel. If you need to apply for a scooter parking permit, please email office the pictures of your driver license and vehicle license (can be other person’s) and NTD 200 to apply. Please park your scooters at designated areas .

問1: 請問我會有宿舍住嗎?
答1: 我們每一期只能申請到男女各8個以下的床位,並且需事先申請。 請看網頁資訊:http://clc-cc.vm.nthu.edu.tw/rcc/index.php/student/student_room


Q1: Will there be a dorm for me to live in? 
A: We can only apply for less than 8 beds for men and women in each and applications are required in advance. Please refer to the website details: ​http://clc-cc.vm.nthu.edu.tw/rcc/index.php/student/student_room


問 外國人統一證號(UI) 要如何申請?
答: 請帶護照由本人至移民署申請 https://servicestation.immigration.gov.tw/3451/


Q: How do I apply for UI number? 
A: Please bring your passport and apply for it at the immigration agency by yourself. https://servicestation.immigration.gov.tw/3451/

答1: 意外保險已經包含在學費中,也就是說我們會為所有註冊的學生申請意外險。(請注意:意外險不包含一般看醫生的醫療保險,如果您需要醫療保險,需在離開您的國家前向保險公司購買。您在台灣無法投保醫療險。)

Q1. Do we have to apply for the accident insurance before the registration day? How to apply?
A1: The accident insurance is already covered in the tuition, which means we will apply for the accident insurance for all the registered students. (Please note: Accident insurance does not include medical insurance for general doctor visits. If you need medical insurance, you will need to purchase it from your insurance company before leaving your home country. You are not eligible for medical insurance in Taiwan.)


問2: 我們可以申請全民健康保險嗎?如何申請?
答2: 持有居留證且已在台居留滿 6 個月者(期間僅可離境一次未逾 30 天, 且實際居留日仍需計滿 6 個月),可申請全民健康保險。欲申請請持「居留證」、「加保單」及「兩吋照片一張」,至中央健保局北區業務組辦理健保 IC 卡。地址:新竹市武陵路 3 號。電話(Tel):03-4339-111

Q2. Who can apply the Taiwan health insurance and how to apply?
A2: Those who have an ARC and have been staying in Taiwan for consecutive 6 months can apply for the National Health Insurance (you may leave Taiwan once for less than 30 days; and after excluding the days you are out of Taiwan; the days you stay in Taiwan shall be exactly 6 months in total.) For applying, please go to the Bureau of National Health Insurance for the Insurance IC card with your ARC, insurance sheet and one photo (2 inches.) The address of the bureau: No.3, Wuling Rd. North Dist., Hsinchu City 30054 Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: 03-4339-111




Students who hold the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC): Please bring the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and other identifying identification documents, such as health insurance cards, passports, driver's licenses or student IDs, to the bank for the processing in person. Minors should prepare the authorization documents of their guardians in Taiwan. Students who don't hold the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC): You need to apply an “UI Number” from the Immigration agency, and bring the "Passport" and "Record of UI number in the Republic of China " form to the bank for the processing in person. Some banks might require you to provide a stmap (chop). 

問: 什麼時候需要申請簽證延長?
答: 通常學生的中文研習簽是60天或90天,那麼您可以在簽證到期前的15天內申請簽證延期。如果您在5/10抵台灣,而您的簽證在7/8過期(請算60天),然後從7/8往回計算15天,是6/23。所以若您需要申請簽證延長的文件,您要在6/22前用email通知我們。您可以在6/23到7/8期間到新竹市的移民署辦理申請延長簽證。您至少需要提前 3 天向華語中心辦公室申請兩份文件:出席記錄及在學證明,我們會準備好並通知您到辦公室領取文件。
請參閱以下網頁:http://clc-cc.vm.nthu.edu.tw/rcc/index.php/student/student_visa 或是學生手冊

申請文件請至此填寫: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSccJy3AwYykjHq9mgYhqNz_eRvqq2oSnDKw6ShKa6nK7ORVeA/viewform


Q: When should I apply for visa extension?
A: Most students hold the visitor visa for Chinese studying purpose for 60 days or 90 days. You may apply for a visa extension within the 15 days prior to the expiry date of the visa. If you arrive Taiwan on May 10 and your visa will expire on July 8 (please count 60 days), then you count back 15 days. It will be June 23. So you can email me that you need to collect your documents by June 22. From June 23 to July 8 you can go to the immigration agency in Hisnchu city to apply for extension. You will need to apply for documents of attendance record & enrollment certificate from CLC office at least 3 working days in advance. We'll prepare them and notify you to collet them at the office. 
Please refer to the below website for more detailed information: http://clc-cc.vm.nthu.edu.tw/rcc/index.php/student/student_visa or the student handbook.
If you need to apply for it, please click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSccJy3AwYykjHq9mgYhqNz_eRvqq2oSnDKw6ShKa6nK7ORVeA/viewform

問: 如何申請居留證? (如果我想要繼續就讀第三個學期可以嗎?)
答: 已連續就讀滿 4 個月且預付下期 學費者,可於簽證期滿前兩週,先至 外交部(10051 台北市中正區濟南路 1 段 2 之 2 號 3~5 樓)改換居留簽證,再至 移民署申辦居留證: 需要的文件如下:
1. 簽證申請表
2. 六個月內 2 吋彩色照片兩張
3. 護照。
4. 三個月內健康檢查報告
5. 在學證明
6. 入學許可證
7. 上課出席紀錄證明
8. 成績單
9. 研習計畫書
10. 三個月內財力證明
11. 其他特別要求之文件
以上5-8文件請於三個工作天前email 華語中心申請。


Q: How to apply for ARC?  (If I want to continue to study for the third term, what should I do?)
A: Those who have been studying for constant 4 months and have paid for the coming semester are qualified to apply for ARC: First: Apply for Resident Visa at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (3~5 Fl, 2-2 Chi-Nan Rd, Sec 1, Taipei City, 10051, ROC(Taiwan)) Second: Apply for ARC at National Immigration Agency:You'll need the below documents:
1. Application form
2. Two color passport-size photos
3. Passport and one photocopy
4. Health certificate
5. Enrollment with record of registration.
6. Admission letter for new semester.
7. Record of attendance
8. Transcripts
9. Study plan
10.proof of financial support
11.Other documents specially required
For the document 5-8, please email CLC to apply for them 3 days in advance. 
Please also refer to the below website: http://clc-cc.vm.nthu.edu.tw/rcc/index.php/student/student_visa
and student handbook.


問1: 可以在華語中心辦公室影印和列印嗎?
答1: 不行,請去便利商店或圖書館影印和列印。

Q1: Can I make copies/ print documents/ scan documents at CLC office?
A1: No, please go to a convenient store or library to print/scan. 


問2: 在臺灣生活費用是多少?
答2: 約每月一萬五至兩萬台幣(視個人而定)

Q2: How much does it cost to live in Taiwan?
A2: NTD 15,000 to 20,000 New Taiwan dollars each month, approximately (depending on the individual)


問3: 我在台灣可以打工嗎?
答3: 持有中文研習簽的學生不可以在台灣打工。

Q3: Can I work part-time in Taiwan?
A3: If you hold a visitor visa of Chinese studying purpose, you cannot work part-time in Taiwan. 


問4: 是否可以申請工作證呢?要怎麽辦理?
答4: 續就讀6個月以上即可以申請工作證。請向勞動力發展署申請。

Q4: Can I get a work permit? How should it be done?
A4: After six months of continuous study, you can apply for a work permit. Please apply from the Workforce Development Agency.